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  CIM Happenings
We will be sending the agents who have the most production of the month
    with all CIM companies combined a gift. Our qualifiers for 2014 are:
Jan - Angelo Gadaleta   Apr - Angelo Gadaleta   July - Mike Robinson  Oct - Angelo Gadaleta
Feb - Eston Wells   May - Mike Robinson   Aug - Mike Robinson  Nov - Joe Alverson
Mar - Angelo Gadaleta   June - Mike Robinson   Sept - Joe Alverson  Dec - Mike Robinson
Costa Rica Convention Qualifiers
       with Liberty Bankers Life
Qualifiers for May 14-18, 2015
     Mark Canady
     Mike Robinson
125,000 points required to qualify & 60% persistency
Points will rollover toward next convention
Americo Summit
       London 2015
          September 8-14, 2015
     Angelo Gadaleta
     Joe Alverson

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  Outstanding Producers with Carolina Insurance Marketing
Top Agencies for 2014
  Michael Robinson Agency $142,607.99    
Top 5 producers 2013
  * Angelo Gadaleta $115,550.72    
  * Mike Robinson $108,892.85    
  * Joe Alverson $90,050.52    
  * Jeff Jimisen $41,068.71    
  * Martha Bird $27,042.64    
     * This is Single Premium, Annuity and Final Expense
  Welcome to Carolina Insurance Marketing
  Hello from the Carolina Insurance Marketing, Inc Team!       Thank you for taking the time to visit out web site. There is a lot of information here so be sure to take a look around.
  Just a little information on the history of Carolina Insurance Marketing. We have been in business since 1989. We started out with a small sales force of around 50 agents and grew to over 2,000! We own our lead company and we allow OUR licensed agents to run leads at discounted rates. We offer great companies to work with and are listed below:
  • American Continental
  • Americo
  • Assurity
  • Columbian Life
  • Family Benefit Life / Trinity Life
  • Foresters
  • Gerber Life Med Sups
  • Liberty Bankers Life
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Philadelphia American / New ERA
  • Settlers Life
  • 5Star/ Boston Mutual
  • United Home Life
  • United of Omaha Life


  Give us a call and get contracted today! 
Call us at 704 435-8357
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