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Final Expense Lead Cost $385 per 1000 for licensed Agents thru Us
  $425 per 1000 for NON-Contracted Agents thru Us
Did you know that Lead Financing can be done through Americo?
Liberty Bankers Life and Family Credit offer lead credits.
To find out if you qualify, give us a call today at  1 888-435-8357
We also accept credit cards
  An extra 3% will be added to all Credit Card purchases.


  Direct Mail Leads
Why spend your money on leads?
Did you know that for every $1.00 spent on leads that an agent produces an average of $9.25 in commissions. Just think of how that can relate to your income.
Find out how our lead program can help to raise your sales and income.
Call us today at 704-435-8357 so we can start today.
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